The Best South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Land in the State

The land has been in our family over 100 years since Gregg Biggins’ grandfather homesteaded here. Since 1982 we have intentionally farmed this land with conservation and wildlife propagation in mind. While on the hunt you will see a wide variety of native grasses, trees and wildlife; all with the intent to give you a true prairie adventure complete with gorgeous sunsets and, of course, the very best South Dakota pheasant hunting experience.

Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs are a huge part of what we do! Each of our guides has dogs that flush and then retrieve downed birds. We rotate our hunting dogs to make sure they don’t get overtired and sick. If there is one thing we hear often it is, “You all have the best hunting dogs! How can I buy one?” Well, our trained hunting dogs aren’t for sale, but we do occasionally have puppies! All our dogs are here to help make your stay excellent and make sure you enjoy the pheasant hunting experience!

How We Train Our Hunting Dogs

Each of our dogs is hand selected by our team of guides for temperament and breeding. We currently use purebred labrador retrievers. Our dogs go through extensive obedience training at a professional puppy boarding school and then we bring them home and teach them the ins and outs of retrieving and pheasant hunting. Our dogs are well behaved and fun to be around! Meet some of the guest favorites below!

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