Greg and Family,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your family for an incredible time last week. Although I didn't get the pleasure of spending a lot of time with you personally, I can guess that you must be much like your family.

The hunting experience itself was fantastic. Having never pheasant hunted before I was somewhat hesitant, but there was no need. You folks put me immediately at ease and immediately in the line of fire (I was blocker on the first hunt). Not once was I made to feel like an outsider or a rookie. (Ok, when I shot the blasted hen right out of the blocks, I got ridden a bit but I deserved it.)

The real treat for me was the hospitality. I felt like a part of the family almost immediately. Meeting your family and seeing the way they interacted was wonderful. Be is an incredible cook and the reason I am now back on a diet. She obviously relies on your girls for a lot of help and they seem to be just as wonderful as she is.

Every aspect was first class, right down to the first class whoopin' I took on the foosball table from Jessy. I used to be good a that game. I just wanted to tell you something you most assuredly already know, you have a first class operation and more importantly a first class family. Thank you all so much for this experience, I hope I am lucky enough to see you again next year.

John O'Donnell

Dear Jessy,

I wanted to write this correspondence to thank you for the exceptional service your guide service has given me and my clients over the last 8 years. I generally bring one or two of my best customers every year as a thank you for doing business with my company, and you never fail to impress us with your family style hospitality and great hunts. In these times, many companies have forgotten what customer service is about and it is refreshing to see it done to perfection.

The third week of October is my favorite week of the year, and I look forward to seeing you and your family again. I will be bringing another two clients this year and can't wait for the great food and camaraderie.

Arthur Binder

To Whom It May Concern,

Butler Machinery Company has been the Caterpillar dealer for North and South Dakota for 55 years. We have been using the Biggins Hunting Service since the 1980's to entertain our customers. The Biggins family operation is one of the very first licensed hunting preserves in the state of South Dakota, and it is located in the heart of the very best pheasant hunting found anywhere in the world!

Greg, Be and Jesse Biggins run a first class family hunting operation. From family, home cooked meals to their five star lodges, the Biggins family has spent most of their lives entertaining visitors from around the world. As a lifelong resident of South Dakota, I have pheasant hunted for over 40 years, and no one does it better than the Biggins family! I have entertained CEO's of mining, contracting and utility companies as well as several Executive Vice-Presidents of Caterpillar at Biggins. Without exception, every single person comes away from Biggins with a vivid and lasting impression of just having had the finest pheasant huntin experience of their lives!

Steve Flanery
Butler Machinery Company

Dear Gregg and Be,

This past September I had the privilege of accompanying the Hallett Materials group on their annual pheasant hunt at your magnificent facilities. This was my second consecutive year visiting with your family and the wonderful people of Gregory, SD, and it was more enjoyable than the first, which I truly thought would be impossible.

The facilities that you provide are first rate and are such an inviting and relaxing respite after a day in the fields hunting. However, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the food served up by Be and her crew is absolutely fabulous. It was a real treat to have your homegrown vegetables at most meals, and I particularly enjoyed your pheasant strips. From breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour, and through dinner, every meal was superb and greatly added to the enjoyment of the trip.

As someone who represents the best interests of the aggregates, cement, and concrete industries, I can personally attest that your facility is a real asset as it gives groups, like ours, the opportunity to better friendships that have already been established and most importantly, create new ones. Your services provide the ideal environment for this kind of relationship enrichment because they balance professional hunting experience with a very comfortable and warm hospitality. It is a true testament to you and all associated with Biggins Hunting Services that every person I have had the pleasure to hunt with at your facilities I now count as a friend. The same sentiments are also felt for the two of you and your lovely family.

Michael K. Stewart
Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association

Biggins Hunting Service,

In Texas, in the construction industry, there is nothing that you can do that is more entertaining to a client or prospective client than take them hunting. Over the last 36 years, we have taken countless hunting trips with clients. Some were good. Some were not. That inconsistency stopped when we found the Biggins Family and their excellent hunting service in Gregory, SD.

We have, for the last several years, taken 6 trips and entertained 123 clients with Biggins Hunting Service. They are a top-notch family who has the logistics of running a successful hunting operation down to a "T". They have many years of experience at entertaining their clientele, most of who are in the constrcution industry. Simply put...Nobody does it better.

The father and son team of Greg and Jessy Biggins handle the day to day operations of the farm and hunting. They only employ the best guides, though they do most of the guiding themselves. They have outstanding working dogs that are easy to be around and work hard to get your birds. Their farm, most of which has been in the family for generations, is the best pheasant habitat that you will ever find. They plant corn, milo, CRP, and switchgrass all to facilitate that main crop...PHEASANTS.

Biggins Hunting Service offers a gorgeous lodge that sleeps nearly thirty people. Each double room has a private bath. The lodge's main room offers satellite television, billiards, dominoes, poker tables, and it's also where they feed you. Just outside of the lodge, you can practice up on your shooting with their skeet shooting set-up. It's also fun to watch the pheasants fly on the horizon while you're shooting skeet.

There is not a lot to say about the food...except that it's the best you'll ever have on a hunting trip. My clients love to shoot pheasants, but what they all remember best is Mrs. Be's cooking. Greg's wife Be is in charge of the kitchen, and you'll be glad she is when you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Biggins Hunting Service. Not to mention the desserts...that she leaves out for you all night...tempting you from the kitchen. You should plan on gaining a few pounds when you visit.

In this tough economy, we still find it in our best business interest to spend the money to take our best clients to Biggins Hunting Service. I cannot imagine the scenario where that would not be true.

Curt Joslin
Joslin Construction

Gregg & Bee and All The Biggins Family,

Thanks for the great stay at your lodge. I've been hunting in South Dakota for years, but can say this was by far the greatest overall experience top to bottom. Love the family atmosphere you create. The boys from Indiana have been talkin' it up and there was no disappointment! Blessings as we enter the holiday season. May God continue to cut your path before you.

Thanks Again!
Dean Harder